Easter Project Management

Construction Management

As the owner’s representative, EPM provides comprehensive management and coordination of all project activities. Our primary job as owner's representative is to ensure that each member of the owner's team of specialists discharges its responsibilities in a manner that serves the owner's overall interest. Acting as an extension of the owner's staff, we monitor and coordinate the efforts of all members of the project team in order to enable the owner to achieve maximum value for each dollar expended.

Construction for the retailer can be a high risk use of available capital resources. EPM can help you with prototype development, major roll out planning, remodel phasing and execution. We have been on all sides of the retail venue, contractor, developer and retailer. We understand the need for interdepartmental coordination for the retail project to be successful. Let us help you stream line the concept to opening timeline for your retail locations.

Lender’s risk management is a proactive process including review of contract and design documents for adequacy in constructing the project, developer’s/ builders budget review, monthly construction site visits and photos. All of this for less than the cost of a bond. Further, our services are part of the borrower's transaction costs, removing this overhead from your bottom line.

Let EPM bring the experience of managing the construction and development of more than 25 million square feet, 500 plus big box stores and several thousand acres of land to work for you. Whether you are working on the newest regional life style center, the corner neighborhood pharmacy, or perhaps your new corporate office, EPM will provide the organization and leadership to shorten your projects concept to occupancy duration and help establish and maintain your budget.